Perceptions of Beauty

This may turn into a little bit of a rant so bare with me.

Who decided what beautiful was? Why is our perception of beauty so defined and restricting? Why is long, blonde or straight hair considered ideal? (These questions are rhetorical but if you have answers, I’m sooo willing to hear them) Who decided that long eyelashes were beautiful? I mean, originally they were made as a defence mechanism for your body to keep objects out of your eyes. I don’t understand where along the way it came to be such an important part of someone’s image. What about body shape? Being stick thin with big boobs. Thigh gaps? What’s the deal with that? Even going back to China with their obsession with small feet that left many of them crippled. Having hairless armpits and legs and having perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Futhermore, why is being hairy unattractive? Frizzy hair and a monobrow. Being flat-chested or being top or bottom heavy. Or being overweight or underweight even. Etc., etc.

I know that you cringe at the thought of these things or being these things but is that what you think? Or what you are conditioned or told to think?

I know this is a very generalised statement of our perception of beauty but if you really think about it it’s true in most cases. Most people won’t completely agree with this but that’s okay I guess. We are each entitled to our own opinions.

People obviously realise that our expectations do not compare with reality but there is still so much pressure put on girls and women to be perfect.

I know they’ll say that what anyone else says or thinks about you doesn’t matter but it feels like it does when someone sees your hairy legs and cringes and says ‘Gross!’

Or when your ‘best friend’ tells you ‘You need to get your eyebrows done!’ Either out of spite or to ‘help’ you with your status or looks or whatever.

And it hurts.

Am I right?

I don’t understand why it should matter but it does. It seems like everywhere you turn there is someone there watching and judging and finding something wrong with you. I personally think that the only thing that is wrong is that fact that they have to judge others to make themselves feel better. Or to make themselves look better.

It feels like an endless, destructive and ultimately pointless circle with no end. There are no winners! So why do we continue to worship those who are genetically blessed and make those who aren’t clones feel worthless and self-conscious.

Why can’t we look at who the person is rather than what they look like. Even heard of the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ From my experience many of the people who are considered beautiful or perfect are either dull, self obsessed or attention seeking.

Let’s look at our inner mirrors rather than the physical kind. What can you see that’s beautiful there? Intelligence, kindness, honesty, bravery or courage? Do you see selflessness and/or a want for peace? Reliability, creativity, calmness, determination, imagination or a good sense of humour? And so much more. These should be the things that matter about a person.

How different our society would be if we looked below the surface more often.

Now, I don’t have a miraculous solution to our ever more specific perception of beauty but I hope you can understand my point of view and you can think about it. Try to focus on your inner beauty and encourage others by example. Instead of saying, “You’re so pretty,” say something about his/her personality.

I’m sorry this was a bit deep but I promise it won’t always be like this!

Also related quote-

You create beauty with you attitude, your behaviour and your actions. It’s all up to you’ Unknown

Virtual hugs xx

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