Happiness Equation

I’ve been thinking about happiness a lot lately. And about how it’s a very simple thing, which makes it complicated in our world where simple tasks are transformed so that machines etc. can do then for you.

But there isn’t a machine to create happiness. Not yet anyway. I would probably be convenient if there was, I guess.


So I’ve thought about it and I have come up with this: there are four types of people when it comes to happiness and the uneven distribution of it. (This is just my opinion and how I see things, not in any way base on pure fact.)

  1. Silver Spoons: These are those who have perfect lives and nothing wrong ever seems to happen to them. They are fed their daily dose of happiness on silver spoons and are waited on hand and foot. They go about life and encounter small problems but they are rarely ever changed by them. Life is very easy for them and they don’t usually have to go after what they want. It’s simply handed to them on a shining platter.
  2. Prismatic Sight:Their eyes shine with hopes and dreams and possibilities and everything is seen for its natural beauty. Little things in life, that most people forget about, are things that seem to naturally bring smiles to the faces of these people. That newly bloomed flower, that butterfly fluttering overheard or that little kid giggling are beautiful and exciting. Usually these people can see the bright side to everything and love with ease. Problems are faced bravely and optimistically. Even if they have been through difficult times that realise that it was all for the better and learn from their mistakes. They always try to believe the best of people and the glass is always half full.
  3. Dark Side: These are the people who have been through hard times and perhaps even continue too. Their eyes don’t see the light as well anymore and glasses won’t correct their vision. Everything is black and white, but this doesn’t necessarily make it easier to see. They try to see the light but they are not blessed with the prismatic sight of others and have to work a lot harder to see the beauty in everyday life. And this can be tiring. There are many who have seen the darkest sides of people and struggle to trust and believe that some people only want to help you without any ulterior motives or thoughts.
  4. Clouded Vision:They may not have experienced any life-changing events in their life but they still struggle to see beauty and happiness in all things. Some who fall into this category expect to much and don’t realise that what they have is enough. Some may even be bitter or just tired of the predictable monotony of their lives. Sometimes they can’t help it, its just their brain chemistry and there doesn’t seem to be any way out. But things can always get better.

The category you are in could change at any time based on experiences and events in your life.

I could fall into three of these categories at any given time. But when I fall into the last one, I really struggle. Its definitely not suicidal for me but it’s a kind of lack of motivation to do anything or to do anything to fix the problem. Getting out of bed can be like being asked to chop off a hand or something. Useless. And I become useless and annoying. So I try to get out of this mood or thought pattern as quickly as possible because of how unproductive it is.

My technique to feel a little better is to think of little things that make you smile or make you feel safe and content, if not happy. I like to make a list and write it out so it is more clear. I try to write at least 5 things but once to get started it really is very easy. Here is an example:

  1. Scented candles
  2. Fresh bed sheets
  3. A good book
  4. Stretching
  5. Listening to music (my favourites are Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendez)

After I’ve done that I act on them. You do one or all of these things and if you can’t act upon it, (say you have travelling on your list) you can focus on it and reminisce about it. Sometimes looking at photos is a good way to bring back memories of something you like doing.


And that’s it, you should feel a little better or be in a more calm or relaxed mindset. I find that every time that I do this, my list is a little different but it really helps me to breathe and get a better perspective.

You can try this, if you like and see if it helps you when you’re feeling down and need some perspective. It obviously won’t work for everyone but you never know.

Also- something to think about

‘My happiness is an inside job.’

-Louise L. Hay

And an affirmation for the day

‘I am content and happy. I love and appreciate all that I have and all that I am. I choose my happiness daily and I am at peace with myself and the world.’

-Miranda Kerr

Let me know if this helps you and I would love to hear your thoughts! If you like this kind of post, you might also like Dreams vs. Reality.

Lots of love and virtual hugs xx


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