Book Review – Tomorrow, When The War Began

Book:  Tomorrow, When The War Began

Author: John Marsden

Year published: 1993

Rating: 4.5/5

Genre: Young adult. Apocalyptic, survival, war.

Recommended for: EVERYONE! People who like war stories. All young adult Aussie.

So today, I will be reviewing Tomorrow, When The War Began by John Marsden. John Marsden is a legend in my eyes. Firstly, he’s Australian, which is awesome. I haven’t found a lot of books from Australian authors that I would love to read again and again, like I have with Marsden’s books. I also love Letters from the Inside and So Much To Tell You, both written by Marsden.


So here is the blurb…

Hell isn’t only a place from the damned, sometimes it’s a place where the saved take refuge.

Seven teenagers take a trip to Hell. 

And seven come back. To Hell.

The most powerful novel ever written for young Australians.

Get ready. This is real. This is true.

What will you do tomorrow?

Tomorrow When The War Began, John Marsden

It doesn’t really give much away, but it would be hard to without giving away the whole story, I think. I’m not really sure what genre to call this book. It is kind of a young adult survival kind of story. Hahaha that is the best I could come up with. If you have any suggestions of what genre to call this, let me know. 😂

This book gives you so much to think about and is one of those books that you will probably think about for days after reading it. How would you react if your country was invaded? Would you be willing to kill and destroy? Would you be able to stay calm in critical situations? You just don’t know until you’re in that situation. And that, for me, is terrifying.


I actually thought about this books so much, that I dreamt that Australia was invaded and let’s just say… I was pretty hopeless and almost died multiple times. And I was just in hiding, not attacking the invaders like the characters in this book.

So don’t get the wrong idea and think that all Aussie teenagers are all hard-core, because I for one, will be the first to admit that I am not. Guess who’s going to die first in an invasion? That’ll be me. 😭

The story is written so well. There is so much tension and emotion all put in the right places. It isn’t a read-the-whole-book-in-one-sitting kind of book, but not because it was boring. I found myself craving the parts in the book where they were safe in Hell and not at risk of dying or being caught at any moment. It was also a do-not-read-at-night book, because it’s a little scary. That might just be me.

I loved all the characters in different ways and the character development… The character development is amazing. Ellie, the leader, who is also kind of bossy. Homer the troublemaker and Fi the princess. Lee is the mysterious one and Robyn is very Christian. Kevin is the typical small-town Aussie and Corrie is the loyal one… And then there’s Chris. Maybe you should just read it 😀 I just love that they are all so very different, but work together so well to survive. And I felt like they were all my best friends. So when that things happens at the end to one particular character, I actually cried. (Sorry, for the cryptic-ness but I am trying very hard to not  spoil it for you) (Also, cryptic-ness is totally a word)


I have read this book twice. Once for my own enjoyment and once for school. Which sucked. Excuse the inferior language. I really dislike having compulsory reading material for school. And the teachers pulling out hidden meaning, that the author probably didn’t even think about. This did dim my like for this book a little, but I have moved on and decided I like it again. So all is good with the world.

I have also watched the movie, which is great… separate from the book. I did follow the plot fairly well, but it just wasn’t as good.

I am yet to read the rest of the series, but I do plan to. I did just finish The Dead of The Night, which is the second book. I might review it for you, if I get a chance.

To summarise… Read this book no matter how old you are, I think you will still get something out of it. Especially if you enjoy stories about war. If you liked the Hunger Games, this is way better (in my opinion.) If you are Australian, please read it. It is very tense and my heart was racing a few times. It is paced brilliantly and the characters and their development is so amazing. So, read it!

Have you read/heard about any books lately, that you would like me to read or review? Would love suggesstions!

Thank you for reading!

Love you all,

Belleinfini ❤


6 thoughts on “Book Review – Tomorrow, When The War Began

  1. Carolina Nilsson says:

    Nice review of Tomorrow When The War Began 🙂 I read it for the first time when I was 12 (well, my teacher read it to the class) and since then I have kind of grown up with this series. It is very good indeed. I’m almost 22 years old now and still haven’t found a book series that I love more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • belleinfini says:

      Thank you so much 😊 I only read this book last year, I think, but they really are brilliant and important. I am up to the third one, but I plan to finish off the series as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by!


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