Book Review – The Dead of The Night

Book: The Dead of The Night

Author: John Marsden

Year Published: 1995

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Young adult, war, apocalyptic.

Recommended for: Anyone who like war stories. Any Australians and all young adults.

Welcome! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

The Dead of The Night is the second book in the Tomorrow series, written by John Marsden. The first book is Tomorrow When The War Began, which I reviewed for you last week.


When you’ve run out of choices, you’ve only got yourself.

As war rages, as the enemy closes in, as Ellie and her friends fight for their lives, they are left with nothing. 

Nothing but courage, spirit and pride.

John Marsden, The Dead of The Night

This book is brilliant and definitely lives up to the its predecessor. I loved it! It wasn’t enjoyable, because the characters kept almost dying and getting caught, but it was exciting. The tension was built up so well and the whole story felt so real. I do love how realistic these books are. Some of you may argue with me, but it seems like these things could really happen and teenagers could turn into guerrillas so quickly. It just seems realistic.

There was just enough romance, for my liking. Though whenever something was going on, I was like, ‘What do you think you’re doing, there’s a war going on!’ But then I realised that I sounded like my parents and just really hoped that they weren’t going to be ambushed while they were vulnerable. There are two characters, (that I am shipping just a little), that didn’t get anywhere in this book, which was a little disappointing. But there are five more books, so anything could happen! Also there is no love triangle, which makes me happy, because too many books written for young adults have love triangles and it’s getting old. I’m not the only one, right? Tell me I’m not the only one.

I did find myself wanting the characters to just stay safe hiding in Hell, rather that going around, blowing stuff up. I mean, the characters are my friends (I do have real friends too, just so you know) and I didn’t want them to die. Though I may be the only one who would think that.

I did see one of the major plot twists coming. I would complain about it, but I think it was better that I knew, so I was prepared for it. It’s a bad one, guys. Expect something big and pretty sad.

This books, like the first one, is very thought-provoking and I found myself wondering how I would react to all the situation that they found themselves in. The outcome was that I wouldn’t have made it to that point, because I would already be dead. I wish I could be as hard-core as these country Aussie kids.  I also wondered how possible it would be that another country would invade Australian any time soon. Yep, very scary. Do not read at night.


I have been thinking that they have just been having too much luck at the moment and there has to be something big happening soon in the series. I don’t want anything to happen, don’t get me wrong, but it feels like its all building up to something big (if that made you think of Shawn Mendez, we can be friends, if not… we can still be friends 😂). Also, there is a long way to go in the series, which scares me because (SPOILER) we have already lost three of the original eight main characters.

To conclude, this book was awesome and lived up to the standard of the first book. If you don’t mind a bit of death and destruction in your literature I would recommend this for you. Also, if you’re a young adult or an Australian, support your local writers (even though this book isn’t recent). This book had great tension and detail in the emotions that the characters were going through. It was a bit scary, but hard to put down at the same time. I really enjoyed it.

So, have you read this book? Did you like it? Do you agree or disagree to any part of my review?

Hope to hear from you!


Next, week I will either have a review of All The Bright Places or Joel and Cat Set The Story Straight, so look out for that. I might even do both, I don’t know yet.

I want to thank you all for supporting me and I would like to officially welcome anyone new to my blog, because I love you all. It’s been a great week, okay. 😊

Lots of looooooove and hugs,



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