Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. There is a bookish topic set every week for us to write a list on.

This weeks theme is Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From.

I did realise while writing this list, that I don’t usually read many books from the same author unless the books are in a series. So this list is basically authors that I’ve read more than one book from. 😂 And I’m also counting books I plan to read from these authors.

So, let us begin!

  1. Meg Cabot – is my ultimate favourite author! I have read so many of her books, including Princess Diaries, Jinx, The Airhead Trilogy, Allie Finkle’s Rules For Girls series, Avalon High, How To Be Popular, Teen Idol, Nicola and the Viscount and Victoria and The Rogue. Yep! I think she’s awesome. I still haven’t read the latest Princess Diaries book, but I definitely plan to.
  2. John Green – I think John Green is a genius and I’ve read most of his books and the others are on my TBR list. I’ve read The Fault in Out Stars, Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns.
  3. Lauren Kate – The first book I read from Lauren Kate was Teardrop and I really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to read Waterfall. I also read the first book in the Fallen series, but haven’t read the others yet.
  4. Nicholas Sparks – I’ve read the Notebook and The Longest Ride and liked them both. I would probably read more of his books.
  5. J.K Rowling – I lived (I thought read might not have been a strong enough verb) the Harry Potter series and I even read Quidditch Through The Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I would also be interested in reading her adult books.
  6. Cassandra Clare – I read the Mortal Instruments Series, plan to read Infernal Devices and the upcoming Dark Artifices and Last Hours series from her.
  7. Rick Riordan – I read the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series and intend to read the Heroes of Olympus series, sometimes in the hopefully near future.
  8. Stephanie Meyer – Read the Twilight books, The short second life of Bree Tanner and The Host.
  9. Daisy Meadows – I’ve officially run out of ideas, so I’m going to add this. Do you remember the Rainbow Magic series? Some of you might have been a bit older than me (I mean no offence by that) when they were popular, but I really thought they were the best thing since sliced bread and I read pretty much all of them. Though I think they are still coming out now….
  10. Dr Suess – This definitely counts. I pull these books out of my cupboard every now and then when I am tired of all the death and drama of my usual reads and need something simple and innocent.

I can’t believe I got all ten! Now you have an idea of my crazy TBR list with all the books I want to read from authors I like. I hope I’m not the only one! Tell me I’m not the only one!

Leave me a comment on your thoughts of my list, if you are so inclined. Did you have any of the same authors? Leave me a link to your list so I can check it out!

Lots of love,



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