Ten Books To Read If You Like This Popular Book

Hello, helloo!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, where we are given a weekly topic to write a Top Ten list on. This weeks theme is books to read if you like this super popular book/author.

To be honest, I wasn’t going to do this topic, because a) I couldn’t think of anything and b) I didn’t want to be held accountable if anyone took my advice and disagreed. But then I decided to do it anyway. 🙂 Oh well. But please don’t sue me if you take my advice and disagree.

Anyway, I haven’t quite got ten, but here’s the list…

  1. If you liked All The Bright Place, by Jennifer Niven, you should try Joel and Cat Set The Story Straight, by Nick Earls and Rebecca Sparrow. I’m not really sure anyone will agree with me on this, but I just felt like they had a similar vibe, with the boy and girl POV’s. There were also some major problems that the characters had to overcome and some miscommunication. If you liked All The Bright Places, but would like something a little less morbid, I would definitely suggest reading Joel and Cat Set The Story Straight.all-the-bright-places-jkt9780143006916
  2. If you liked The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green, you should try Before I Die, by Jenny Downham. Before I Die is also about a girl with cancer who is not expected to live much longer. It’s about finding out what is really important. I feel like the characters are a little bit similar in that they don’t have a lot of hope that things will change, but learn ways to appreciate the time that they have. I really liked this book, it felt very honest and real. The_Fault_in_Our_Stars1322673095beforeidiejennydownham
  3. If you liked Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell, you should try How to Keep a Boy From Kissing You, by Tara Eglington. I’m not really sure why I think these books are similar, I just feel like they have a similar vibe (??). Not sure, but you should definitely read How to Keep a Boy From Kissing You, it’s probably my favourite book ever.fangirl-cover16036699
  4. If you like Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, you should try City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare or Fallen, by Lauren Kate. Okay, firstly, I know City of Bones is popular and Fallen is too, but I just wanted to point out the similarities between them all. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of these series, but the supernatural love, being drawn to someone, love triangle, true love thing, is similar in all these books.TwilightbookCOB_cover556565
  5. If you like the Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling, then you should try the Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan. Again, but already super well-known, buth they are also pretty similar. Pre-teen boy, has a difficult childhood and then finds out he has special abilities. He also has a guy best friend and a girl best friends. I really love both of these series, but if these books were written by anyone else (other than these two wonderful idols) it just wouldn’t work.Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone_Book_Coverlightning-thief-cover-image

And that’s all I could think of. I know that kind of turned into a comparison between popular books, but oh well. If you haven’t read one and enjoyed the other than I would suggest you do. Like right now. Haha.

I hope you liked this list and I’ll see ya’ll next time. 🙂

Many hugs,

Ellie ❤


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