Top Ten New-to-Me Favourite Authors I Read For the First Time in 2015

Hey y’all.

I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday post in ages! Mostly because I didn’t know how to answer some of the topics, but this one I can definitely do.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly link-up event/meme/thingy hosted by the lovely human beings over a The Broke and the Bookish (please do yourself a favour and check them out, if for some reason you haven’t all ready.) This weeks topic is Top Ten Favourite Authors that are new to me in 2015, which shouldn’t be too difficult for me, because I kind of started professionally reading this year (and I had a lot to catch up on.)

To the list…

  1. Rick Riordan: Please don’t hurt me. I have no idea why I took so long to actually read his books. They are totally amazing and perfection and I’m going to stop before the real fangirling starts. I’ve read both the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series from him, with plans to check out his other books.
  2. Cassandra Clare: Same with this one. Why did I wait? Why? I honestly don’t know, but I’m here now and I am on the train. I’m also practically counting down the days until Lady Midnight comes out. Is that wrong? (No need to answer that if the answer is yes.)
  3. Gayle Foreman: I have read If I Stay and Where She Went and they were both amazing. So I definitely need to branch out further.
  4. Stephen Chbosky: The Perks of Being a Wallflower is now one of my all-time favourites. This book really means a lot to me.
  5. David Levithan: I’m not sure if this counts because I’ve only read his collab with John Green, but I loved it so much and need to read more from him.
  6. Nicola Yoon: I know she was a debut author this year, but I adored Everything, Everything and can’t wait to see more from her.
  7. Danielle Paige: This is not necessarily a favourite, but I’m running out of people. I’m not completely sold on her yet, because I didn’t love Dorothy Must Die, but I’m still going to give The Wicked Will Rise a chance, before I make my final decision.
  8. Nicholas Sparks: He’s not necessarily a favourite because he tends to cause a lot of emotional trauma, but I have really enjoyed both The Notebook and The Longest Ride.
  9. Zoe Sugg: I loved Zoe’s first book Girl Online and just bought the sequel on the weekend. Can’t wait to read it!
  10. Ned Vizzini: I read It’s Kind of a Funny Story and I enjoyed it as much as you can enjoy a book about depression. I haven’t heard much about his other books and I’m not sure if I ever will look into them, but I definitely enjoyed this one.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed my list! Have we got any in common?

Feel free to comment a link to your Top Ten Tuesday so that I’ll be sure to check it out. 🙂

Luv ya,

Ellie ❤


18 thoughts on “Top Ten New-to-Me Favourite Authors I Read For the First Time in 2015

    • belleinfini says:

      I definitely agree, I loved ‘Where She Went’ way more than ‘If I Stay.’ I am so keen to read ‘I Was Here’ and I think I might be getting it for Christmas so I’ll let you know what I think as soon as possible. xx


  1. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    Oo! I’m reading ‘If I Stay’ right now and I’m in love with it. Such an amazing writing style. ^.^

    I can’t say I’d put Danielle Paige on this list… I was very underwhelmed with ‘Dorothy Must Die’ especially the MC’s voice… >.> If you want to see more of my thoughts on this book, I wrote a review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • belleinfini says:

      If I Stay was beautiful, I can’t wait to see a review on it from you. 🙂 Yeah, I wasn’t sure about Danielle Paige either, but I kind of ran out and needed one more to complete my list. I’ve heard that it gets a bit better in the next book, but we’ll see. xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Melanie Noell Bernard says:

        Oh my goodness! I finished the book last night. If I hadn’t been sweating all my tears out at the gym, I would’ve been crying them! 😦 So sad.
        My review for ‘If I Stay’ will be up on Dec. 27. Check back then. ^.^
        And I’m not entirely sure I can give the Dorothy Must Die series a second chance. I’d be disappointed in myself if it ended up not being better… :/

        Liked by 1 person

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