Top Ten Bookish Resolutions 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly link-up event hosted by the lovely people at The Broke and the Bookish. 

This week our topic is Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2016 and they can be bookish or personal resolutions. I’ve decided to go with mostly bookish resolutions and a few blogging resolutions. And here we go…

Reading Related Goals:

  1. Read 60 Books: This is my first time participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, since I only got an account a few weeks ago. I ended up reading 54 books in 2015, so I thought I would challenge myself and make my goal 60 books this year. If you have Goodreads, it would be cool if you could add me. *lots of smiles and winky faces*
  2. Read 1 Roald Dahl book a month: This might seem a little random, but I’ve only ever read one Roald Dahl book from memory and my sister owns a bunch of them. So I decided I should just read them. I’ve just started reading Matilda and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s a bit of comic relief from my usual reads anyway.
  3. Finish reading the Morganville Vampires series: I am currently just about to start the 4th book in this series and I’m really quite enjoying it. There are 15 books in this series (I think??). And I would like to read as many of them as possible.
  4. Read more variety: I’ll be honest I’m not really a fan of adult fiction, its just not as fun and relatable as young adult, so I cannot say I will stray too much from this genre, but I would like to explore different genre’s within young adult. Does that make sense? I tend to stay in my comfort zone of either fantasy or contemporary, but I would love to read more sci-fi or historical fiction or something else.
  5. Read more new releases: I read 2-3 last year, but I really need to read more, because I’m missing out on a lot. 😦
  6. Read some ARC’s: I’m just now setting up a contact page so people can contact me if they would like me to read and review their book/s! I’m really keen for that to start happening. I’m also thinking of getting a NetGalley account, but I’m not really sure what that entails, so I’ll have to do my research. 🙂

Blogging Related Goals:

  1. Post TTT’s on time: I love writing Top Ten Tuesday posts like this, but I have a terrible habit of writing them at the last minute… or a few days after Tuesday. They have the topics up months beforehand, so this all changes today.
  2. Post at least 1-2 posts a week throughout the whole year: It gets pretty tough to post regularly in exam blocks, but I think I should still be able to manage this. Here’s hoping.
  3. Schedule more posts: This is pretty simple. I just need to sit down and do it. 😂
  4. Post about more of a variety of things: Originally this blog wasn’t even a book blog, but now that it is I need to write some more original stuff to make my blog unique from other book blogs. I have a few ideas…


There you go! I hope to look back on this list later in the year and be able to tick all of these off. Haha, here’s hoping!

What are your bookish/blogging resolutions? Feel free to link to your TTT post, or your new year resolution post, so I’ll be sure to check it out! 🙂

See ya’ll soon 😘

Ellie ❤


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Resolutions 2016

  1. The Charmed Reader says:

    I schedule pretty much all of my posts and it is such a lifesaver! and yeah, I totally need to branch out and read more classics/adult. I’ll probably stick with adult romance though because their contemporary fiction just depresses me usually! Great resolutions! Good Luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • belleinfini says:

      I definitely need to start scheduling more often, especially when school starts again.
      It’s difficult to branch out in genres, but whenever I do, I seem to find some of my favourite books. So I really ought to do it more often.
      Thank you! And you too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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